Undergraduate study, Washington State University

Met professional qualifications and passed CA State legal examination, Licensed Professional Public Racehorse Trainer,
California Horse Racing Board (CHRB).

Two year full time law student. Central California, Graduated top of class, Deans List with Honors.
Certified ABA accredited Legal Advisor (1990).

Intern one year constituency contact, then California State Assemblyman Jim Costa, home office,
Currently U.S. Senator Jim Costa.

Research intern one year, Law Offices Jeff Reich.

Public Service:
Board of Directors, Chinese Culture Institute New York City;
Advisor/host, non profit arts liaison, Chinese consulate, New York City and San Francisco, California;
Advisor/host, non profit arts liaison, Mexican consulate, Central California
Board of Directors, Central California Aids Foundation;
Board of Directors, Centro Bellas Artes;
Fundraising Committee, Public Broadcasting Television, Central California PBS
Organizer/co-host collection donation to Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, (AMPAS)
Several years, active member, Central Valley Polo Club.
Donor, Annual Wanchi Rotray Fundraiser, Hong Kong. (multi years);
Donor, Alliance for Smiles annual fundraiser for medical work in Asia (multi years);
Donor, Orbis International annual fundraiser for medical work in Asia (multi year)
Donor, Hong Kong Jockey Club annual fundraiser for work in Asia, (multi year)
(Partial list)

Prior Experience (U.S. & Foreign Clients, Civil Law)
Negotiate, draft, execute business agreements between western organizations and local, state,
regional, national, and international clients. Including governmental entities and agencies;

Extensive U.S Appellate Law practice experience. Main author and manager for cases filed with local,
regional, federal, and U.S. Supreme Court. Success at each level including U.S. Supreme Court case
referred back to local Superior Court with judgment reversed in our client’s favor. (pro bono case
for Laotian Immigrant family);

Represented foreign immigrant community organizations, and their individual community members,
regarding civil, business, and administrative legal matters.
(Mexican, Laotian, Cambodian, and Vietnamese);

Representing Non-Profit and Corporate companies, and formed new Non Profit and Corporate
entities and continued to represent their business transactions.

Drafted lawsuits and defense documents for clients when necessary negotiating settlements
when possible.
(Partial list)


M James Fine Art is the product of more than thirty years of Monte James' involvement in the business of Fine Art, international culture exchange and promoting education through the arts. In the 1970s along with three partners
Monte James opened a gallery in Southern Arizona. We fostered regional Southwest landscape painters who went on to gain national recognition and success. We regularly presented exhibitions of the works of Latin American
Artists when collectors were just becoming aware of the works and names of
artists like Francisco Zuniga.

Nearly thirty years later, as a private Art Dealer and Curate, Monte James continues to consult for, and work with distinguished collectors, educators, museums, and private and public institutions regarding their collections.
Through public/private partnerships M James Fine Art organizes and collaborates on exhibitions, and supports educational programs from New York to Louisiana and from Seattle to Los Angeles, and Hong Kong to Beijing. M James Fine Art has been engaged in international culture exchange, education, and people to people diplomacy through the arts for nearly two decades. Please visit our Associates page for more information.