Laila Carlsen

Born in and raised in Norway, Carlsen’s exquisite oil painting show’s a painterly quality, imagination, and originality reinforcing the relevance of painting in contemporary art today. Her skill and technique as a painter was developed during her studies at fine international art institutes, and honed under the influences of her studies with international contemporary master Odd Nerdrum. Aside from the technical influences, her creative influences are easily recognizable as based in the Old Masters of northern European painters of Light. But beyond this, her work springs from a place of her own consciousness that could be described as alternate realities springing from reality. An expression of a world based in “Nature and Dreams”. Very accessible on every level. For more information about Liala Carlsen including lists of exhibitions, collections and achievements, visit

Carlsen, Young Bride Carlsen, Young Bride in Armor
Young-Bride, oil on canvas (2005)
28x46 in. $15,000 usd
              Young Bride in Armor, oil on canvas (2005)
28x46 in. $15,000 usd