In 1997 I began exclusive representation of Dong Kingman and his watercolor art.
So I was asked to accompany him to then, British ruled, Hong Kong to represent him and his art in a charity exhibition at Hong Kong City Hall. An exhibition of work of about one hundred Hong Kong artists marking the handover of Hong Kong to China. I joined him and his wife for the remarkable event and he exhibited six original watercolor paintings inspired by a chat with one of his oldest Hong Kong friends, Charles Wang, owner director, Salon Films, HK. Kingman placed a remarkable price of one million HK$ for the set of six paintings. During the exhibition I was contacted by a local Hong Kong businessman, who after a brief conversation, he offered to buy the six paintings. Seventy percent of the purchase price donated to HK Charity and thirty percent to the artist.
Prior to Kingman’s death in 2000, the set was sold in part over time. With only two of the original picture remaining in Charles Wang collection.
In celebration of the upcoming 20 year anniversary of the handover of HK to China. M James is pleased to be able to offer high quality complete sets of reproductions of the set of six art on watercolor paper. And we also offer two original framed paintings on paper, each painting 22 x 30 inches. For further information and prices please contact M. James directly by email.