The items on this page show unique pieces as well as some documents and photos which are part of larger collections of like items. Please ask if you have interest. Pricing by request. More items will be added over time.

Herb Caen 1916-1997) Collection of personal correspondence from the Pulitzer Prize winning author and one of the most celebrated Newspaper columnists in U.S. history.

Frank Sinatra 1908-1981) Collection of personal correspondence, photos and an original portrait sketch (1968).

Richard Nixon (1913-1994) Quick Portrait sketch of then ex President Richard Nixon. Sketched at Le Cirque Restaurant in New York City by artist Dong Kingman and signed and dated by Richard Nixon.

Jeff Bridges: Two black and white photos taken by, and presumably processed by the artist. 8x10 personal photos of his friends Dong Kingman and Burgess Meredith and one including self portrait with Kingman and Meredith. 8x10 inches each, original Jeff Bridges signature.

William Saroyan (1908-1981) a collection of personal correspondence, annotated drafts of essays and doodles by the great Armenian American play write and novelist.

Mohammad Ali (1942) Drawing of a fighter Jet sketched, signed, and dated by the great American boxing champion.

Postcard sketch. Notated Hong Kong. Reverse postmarked Hong Kong 1964. Signed James (Mason) actor/film star.
Ink on paper, caricature 1978. Signed James (Mason)
actor/film star.

Personal note (c1970) Jose Ferrer, actor/film star. Signed with self caricature.

Mandarin Hotel place card "Mr. Roman Polanski" film maker, place card reverse. Ink sketch signed " to Dong / Roman"

Post card photo signed. Johnny Weismeuller Olympic Champion/actor (Tarzan)

Cartoon sketch. Ink on paper with personal note.
Signed Jonathan (Winters) actor/comedian.
Caricature ink sketch on card. Signed (Peter)
Ustinovs Revenge

In addition to the articles shown here, we have documents, letters, and photos related to John Wayne, Joan Crawford, James Mason, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Shirley Mclaine, Steve McQueen, and more. Please contact us for detailed information.