David Hockney: 82 Potraits and 1 Still Life
Royal Academy London / July-October, 2016.

“The show looks terrific.... If these were photographs they wouldn’t be that interesting. A 20 hour exposure is a lot different from a frame in a fraction of a second. I get bored with photographs because the textures are all the same. And you bring your own time to painting.
(David Hockney, Arts, Financial Times, June, 2016).

“An art world that says ‘You can’t paint portrait anymore’ is nonsense, really,” he said. “How do you mean, ‘you can’t paint portraits?’ People aren’t interested to look at? Of course they are! They always will be,” (David Hockney, Culture/Art, International New York Times, July, 2016).

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Laila Carlsen (Norway), and / or
Orkhon, Namkhaidagva, (Mongolian)