Hou Yimin (1930-)

It is my great pleasure and an honor to be working with this extraordinary artist and to introduce his work to my friends and associates. M James

Hou Yimin was born in 1930 of Manchu parentage. In his youth he studied Chinese painting, but when he entered National Peiping School of Arts in 1946 to study with Xu Feihung and Wu Zuoren, he switched to Western painting. In 1950 he became an instructor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and in 1954 he was admitted to the Su Oil Painting Master Class. Since 1958 he has served in succession as assistant director of the Oil Painting Department, director of the Mural Department, first vice dean of the Academy, professor, board member of the Chinese Artists Association, director of the Mural Arts Commission, and board chairman of the Wu Zuoren International Fine Arts Foundation.

Among his chief works are the following oil paintings: "Liu Shaoqi and the Coal Miners of Anyuan, " "Chairman Mao and the Coal Miners of Anyuan," and "Six Hundred Million Sages of China"; murals: "Blood and Sweat on the Great Wall" (wall relief in the Museum of the Chinese Revolution), "Eastern Civilization" (stone carving at Window of the World), "A Hundred Flowers Bloom" (colored tiles), and "The Silk Road" (tapestry); Chinese paintings: "Chasing the Sun," "Dawn on Taishan, " "Thirty Ancient Fables"; and sculptures: "Hou Yi Shooting the Suns" and "Passing Books around the World". He was also the chief designer of the third and fourth sets of China's currency, the chief consultant for Shenzhen's "China in Embroidery," "Folk Culture Village," and "Window of the World," and the chief planner for its "150,000 Little People."

Monte James & Hou YiMin



Chairman Mao and the CoalMiners of Anyuan
Liu Shaoqi and the Coal Miners ofAnyuan