Richard Yee, Fine Art Photographer

Richard immigrated to the United States from Guangzhou, China in 1952. Pursuing his early interest in photography he bought a Rolliecord camera. From the time he came to the United States and 1959 he won first prize both the Boston Globe Annual Photo competition and the all U.S. Photo competition.

Richard can visualize the result of his efforts before the prints are ever processed and what inspired Richard to make the photo becomes evident to the viewer once the prints are made. His success as an artist can also be attributed in part the fact that he processes his own prints using the traditional Gelatin Silver process. Ensuring that the final print is true to his vision form the time he first framed the shot. Many of his favorite subjects and most notable photos derive from his travels in his native China. He has produced memorable spontaneous cityscapes and he has camped out in some of China’s most scenic and beautiful landscapes patiently waiting for the right shot at the right time. The results are often extraordinary by any standard.

Richard’s photographs have been the subject of many awards and important exhibitions as well as being represented in several permanent major museum collections.