ZHANG YONG, (1953-) Documentary photographer.

Zhang began studying photography in 1976 and worked as a police investigation photographer from 1980-1985 which inspired him to study many advanced and sophisticated techniques. He was especially fascinated by the work of U.S. photography legend Ansel Adams. Zhang successfully applied Adams’ techniques to his own work. In 1986 Zhang Yong entered the China Academy of Journalism Department of Photography to study his craft in a more systematic way. He has continued to experiment and adapt new and various techniques to his own work with great success.

Zhang is a member of the China Press Photographers Association and chief photographer of the Study Times publication. In addition to his journalistic work, Zhang pursues many areas of documentary and nature photography and his portraiture is sought after by many celebrities.

Included here are examples of Zhang’s work including extraordinary action photography of “Mongolian Horsemen”, as well as rare and beautiful photos of “Swans on the lake at the Summer Palace, Beijing”. These and other photos are available as high quality designer prints as well as signed, small edition, numbered prints. Contact mjamesart@msn.com

Mongolian Horsemen

Swans on the lake at the Summer Palace, Beijing